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A qualified team of experts


The Campus will be directed by Pablo Laso, a reference in the benches of European basketball over the last decade. This successful coach from Vitoria, Spain, will coordinate and supervise the four work areas personally. In addition, Pablo Laso will direct part of the technical sessions directly. And by your side, a qualified team of experts that offers plenty of guarantees.

Paco Redondo, who is Pablo Laso’s current assistant coach at Real Madrid, has vast experience in scouting basketball players from the pool and will be the Technical Director of the Campus. This catalan coach will manage the needs of each player in order to adapt them to an optimal personalised learning.

The work performed throughout the week will follow the same methodology used by the best professional teams in the European basketball scene, having the most advanced resources for each area. Basketball — a team matter.

Former basketball player and current coach of the Real Madrid’s first team. Since his arrival in 2011 at the Real Madrid’s bench, he has won a total of 15 titles. In addition, at the beginning of the year, he made it to the Top 5 coaches with the most victories in the Endesa League.

Pablo Laso


Assistant coach of the Real Madrid’s first team. In the previous two seasons, he was in charge of the Real Madrid’s second team, bringing home two golds in the Spanish Championships and a gold and a silver in the European ANGT.

Paco Redondo


Physical trainer of the Real Madrid’s first basketball team for 19 years. He is considered one of the best trainers in Europe. Olympian in Barcelona 1992.

Juan Trapero


Membership Number: 4.703 and 2.218. Physiotherapist, podiatrist and expert in step biomechanics for the Real Madrid’s first basketball team.

Javier Barrio


Train for five days like a real professional

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