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Technical trainings, physical preparation, physiotherapy, podiatry and multimedia


Double work sessions. Mornings will focus on individual aspects and evenings are designed for team play development.

Get ready for an intense week with double daily sessions! In the morning, the coaches, headed by Pablo Laso, will distribute the workload in five stations of 45 minutes each: shooting, individual technique, tactics, strength and physical development. In the afternoon, the focus will be on tactical situations of different team play situations. The knowledge about timing and spacing in team play are fundamental for the development of the player.

Bouncing, passing, finishes, handling, timing, decision making, pick and roll situations, transition game, stops and exits… Basketball foundations — the key to your progression on the court!


Each player will have an individualized report on their physical condition and aspects to improve.

Upon arriving at the Campus, the physical state of each player will be assessed individually, based on a series of key parameters. After a period of analysis and training, a report with the values to be improved will be provided to each participant. Achieving a muscular and articular balance will improve your performance!

During the five days of the campus, specific exercises will be carried out to improve the strength and mobility of different parts of the body: feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, abdominal and lumbar core and upper body.


Players should never stop paying attention to their feet. Their footsteps reveal many details of aspects that influence their game.

Our steps are infallible detectors of weaknesses and / or imbalances that are transmitted to the rest of the body. Players should never stop paying attention to their feet. Therefore, we will carry out a biomechanical analysis of each participant in the Campus: analysis on static and dynamic pressure platform, jump and running analysis, conclusions and recommendations. It is about each player learning more about themselves, knowing their weaknesses and considering routines to address and overcome them.

In addition, participants will have at their disposal a team of physiotherapists to perform with them recoveries, if necessary. Every detail matters.


The importance of visual feedback in the 20 minutes after the completion of a gesture is the perfect vehicle that allows you to speed up the process between the execution of a task and the retention of it.

We pursue a meaningful and functional learning of the players based on their specific needs. For this, the power of video is priceless. Always as a complement, an ally. The cognitive activities that can be worked on with the videos are: learning and assimilation, memory, reasoning and problem solving.

Before the Campus, players must complete a questionnaire and receive a video with the aspects to be developed during the week. Before each session, a video will be displayed with the aspect to improve during that day (corrections with different applications, tactics, spacing and timing thanks to the monitoring of the sessions…).

And, after that, players will have a cloud service where they will be able to review their plan and access their personal videos.

Train for five days like a real professional

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