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The 6th edition is out!

High-Performance Basketball Campus

Five days full of excitement, top-notch work and learning! Live and enjoy a unique experience training with and as professionals. Coaches from the main clubs on the national scene, specific routines, monitored sessions, professional players who will work just like everyone else on campus and a lot of basketball fun await you!

This year we introduce a novelty: a special training group aimed at individuals over 18 years old, called Special Group +18. This program is designed to provide a space for personalized improvement in technical-tactical and physical aspects, which may not receive sufficient attention during the regular season due to the team’s dynamics. If you are 18 years old or older, you can join and work on improving your performance with specific details of technical-tactical, in addition to benefiting from the other aspects of the program.

Pablo Laso Training Camp (Insiders Sub.)

Pablo Laso and entire staff group warmly welcome you. This short vídeo gives you a glimpse of our essence – A place where dreams come true and hard work is a way of life. Welcome to the Pablo Laso Training Camp!


Individual technique and tactics work and team play situations


Assessment, training and creation of a final report with the participant´s values to improve


Analysis studies on pressure platforms, jump and race analysis. Custom report and recommendations


When training on the basketball court, tools will be used to generate different corrections depending on the area being worked on


Each player will have access to a platform where they can review their videos and improvement plan on a daily basis



Menus will be developed by nutritionists to adapt meals to workloads


We will use the instant communication app Tellfy to create the Pablo Laso Training Camp community.

Once registered, we will communicate with families in a more agile, private and secure way.

Train for five days like a real professional

You are just one step away from living it…Sing up now!